Visual Field Tests

Visual Field Tests or Perimetry

The importance of Visual Field testing cannot be overemphasized for early diagnosis, prevention and management of diseases that lead to visual loss or blindness. They are an essential clinical tool for: 1) glaucoma, 2) retinal diseases such as macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy, and 3) neurological diseases such as brain tumors. It is also an essential tool for certifying visual function in patients with vision disabilities (insurance) and helping them function (vision loss centers). Unfortunately, effective computerized tests are not readily available. They had the disadvantage of: 1) only being available at eye specialists and requiting, 2) requiring specialized equipment that are large and expensive, 3) requiring trained personnel to administer, and 4) being difficult and discouraging to use for many patients especially older people and with the eye diseases

Due to the disadvantages of current computerized perimetry tests, early diagnosis of serious eye diseases is often missed. As more new treatment and preventive options become available for these debilitating diseases, opportunities to prevent vision loss and blindness through perimetry testing will become even more critical.


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