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Web-AIDE Vision was developed by Castle Technologies Inc. Castle is a healthcare information technology company that focuses on the development of web-based applications for the prevention and management of chronic diseases. Castle’s core competencies lie in its healthcare expertise and Web-AIDE™ platform. Our healthcare expertise includes extensive experience in developing disease management applications, electronic health record (EHR), personal health record (PHR) and Clinical Decision Support (CDS) systems. Our development philosophy and innovation lie in our ability to create highly customizable, yet cost-effective and easily deployed solutions.

Castle’s mission and vision is to become a premiere developer of Visual Field Testing systems focusing on preventing and managing ocular diseases that lead to vision loss and blindness. Our philosophy is to provide highly-customizable solutions that can be adapted to a patient and provider’s needs rather than making  them modify their behavior to fit the solution.

Intellectual Property (IP) in Castle’s software and products has been ensured through IP protection clauses in all of Castle’s contracts with customers, employees, consultants and contractors. Castle has copyrighted all previous versions of its software and has applied for a trademark on the name Web-AIDE. Castle has also implemented internal measures to protect its trade secrets. Castle has previously retained legal council to review these measures who found them appropriate. Castle will continue to implement and review these measures including looking at patenting opportunities.

Castle Technologies was incorporated in the State of Virginia in 1995 and is located at the Virginia BioTechnology Research Park in Richmond, Virginia.

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